Vijay Aurora said goodbye to Muz-TV

Vijay Aurora said goodbye to Muz-TVTV presenter Aurora, who for many years was associated in viewers to the channel Muz-TV, is leaving the usual place of work. By the way, the General experience of work on the Aurora channel for more than ten years.But now the famous TV presenter, took the decision to withdraw from the music channel. According to Aurora, the separation occurred peacefully, "DTF". By the way, Muz-TV girl affectionately calls "Moo-three".Over the years on this channel Aurora came to be known, grew up, found love, and even became a mother. By the way, in the air girl appeared even on a decent period of pregnancy, and soon after the birth of his daughter Aurora is back on the job."We were together with a "Moo-three for over 10 years. "says the TV star. Читать полностью -->

Mischa Barton works in a meat factory

Mischa Barton works in a meat factoryFamous Hollywood actress Mischa Barton in Russia were forced to work in a meat factory. It is on the slaughter filmed the movie "finding t.A.T.u.", where the star of the movie "Notting hill" and "the Sixth sense" plays a major role - Russian girl Lana.The script to the slaughter character Misha sent me to the provincial criminal authority, the role of which went to Alexander Semkovo."I admit, at first the task seemed difficult. But in fact everything was a little easier, said Barton KP. - I started playing on stage when I was 8 years old. My debut was a performance of Tony Kushnir "Slavs" in new York. For this piece I deliberately put Russian accent. Читать полностью -->

Lazarev changed her stage name

Lazarev changed her stage namePopular singer Sergey Lazarev especially for European listeners changed her stage name. Abroad it is known as simply SERGEY.Lazarev began an active attack on the West. His songs I know in many European cities. So, the single "Shattered Dreams" (cover version of the hit 80s band "Johnny Hates Jazz") successfully entered the UK in 25th place and eight weeks reached the 12th position. At the same time this single came in Breakers Top 10 chart of the most successful breakthroughs in the eighth position. And the video for this song in rotation on the biggest UK music channel the BOX, TV Hits Channel.On Monday, the single "Shattered Dreams" went on sale in British shops (Virgin , HMV, including electronic. Читать полностью -->

The Emperor of Russia and his family refused rehabilitation

The Emperor of Russia and his family refused rehabilitationToday the first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman signed the statement on the recognition of Nicholas Romanov and his family are not subject to rehabilitation.This conclusion was based on the results of public Prosecutor's check, conducted in accordance with the decision of the Tver district court of Moscow. The court ordered the Prosecutor General to consider the application of Maria Romanova on the rehabilitation of members of the Russian Imperial house" in the manner prescribed by article 8 of the law "On rehabilitation of victims of political repressions".During the relevant audit found that credible evidence of the existenceany formal decisions of judicial or extrajudicial bodies nadeyavshihsya judicial functions, on application to the victims of repression. The relevant decision is a prerequisite for addressing the issue of rehabilitation.The results of the mentioned consideration, it was decided on the recognition of Nicholas, Alexandra, Alexei, Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia Romanov not subject to rehabilitation in the absence of the charges against them and the relevant decisions of judicial and non-judicial bodies, nadeyavshihsya judicial functions. The appropriate conclusion, as reports "Газета.Ru" and you were sent to the judicial Board for criminal cases of the Supreme court for consideration in essence. Source: the Emperor of Russia and his family refused rehabilitation. . Читать полностью -->

Alsu intends to become a mother of many

Alsu intends to become a mother of manySinger Alsu on the birthday of his little daughter Safina has announced that her family is waiting for more than one refill.The exact timing of the execution of plans to improve the demographic situation yet known, but one thing is clear: Alsu intends to become a mother of many.First birthday of his daughter, the singer and her husband Yan Abramov was celebrated. Say, the festive event has cost dad the birthday girl in one million roubles.Mom is the hero of the festivities almost chose the same dress for herself and for girls - blue color with accents of rhinestones, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets. In the opinion of all the guests of the event, mother and daughter are very similar.Birthday Safina was invited to about five hundred guests were treated to crawfish, lobster and the best caviar.Entertainment program was too intense. Birthday Safina acted ensemble "Neposedy" and Laima Vaikule. Itself Alsou also came on the scene. In response to the recognition of the husband in love singer announced publicly that she wants to bear him many children. Читать полностью -->

Children of celebrities can jump on your parents

Children of celebrities can jump on your parentsThe Maxim that the children of talented people in the next hour, the star, the heirs are trying to refute with enviable persistence. And in the footsteps of parents go to the movies, theatre or on stage.And only a few choose your own path on which star parents will not help.Actors like daddyThe son of TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev Cyril decided to become an actor, like dad, so he entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre.- I myself didn't help him and didn't ask for it, " he assured us Dmitry Nagiyev.That son was preparing for the competition?Works by Pasternak, Gogol, Mayakovsky and Bryusov. To be honest, I didn't expect from his spendthrift such a taste for Russian literature, " said the father.In the same School-Studio of Moscow art theatre did the son of actors Ekaterina Semenova and Anton Tabakov. Nikita Tabakov chose fashion production Department and specialty "drama Manager".Another student acting branch of the renowned Studio School began this year, the daughter of a sports commentator Victor Gusev 18-year-old Nina. She tried to enroll in the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre last year. But lost a competitive race. Читать полностью -->

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